Grow and Invest in Small Businesses in Mercer County, NJ.

SMBX has partnered with Mercer County, NJ so small businesses can raise capital and residents can invest in them directly. It's the new Mercer County Small Business Investment Program.



Raise funds for your small business.


Through this partnership, eligible small businesses in Mercer County, NJ can apply to issue Small Business Bonds™ to their community. 

Skip the bank and sell Bonds directly to the general public, reducing borrowing costs and winning customer loyalty.

Qualifications include:

  • A physical business located in Mercer County

  • An incorporated, for-profit business registered with the State of New Jersey, and formed on or before April 10, 2023

  • 6 months of revenue

    30 employees or fewer, with part-time equating to one-half a full-time employee; and less than $10 million in gross revenue

Preference is given to those businesses that have not received specific business grant assistance from the federal, state, or local government entity.

National franchises, real estate businesses, and independent consultants are ineligible.


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Program FAQs

Do I qualify?

If you own a physical business in Mercer County formed on or before April 10, 2023, generated 6 months of revenue, have fewer than 30 employees, and less than $10 million in revenue, you qualify!

Are there fees?

There are no fees, thanks to a Mercer County grant from the federal American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA)  

How much can I raise?

$25,000 to $5 million

Who is providing the loan?

SMBX is a marketplace connecting small businesses with investors in your community and nationwide. People invest in your business, and SMBX helps you repay those investors.

Who are the investors?

They can be your friends, neighbors, and extended community. You're giving them the opportunity to invest in your success while they earn interest. SMBX also has a national network of investors who love to support small businesses.  We'll help you reach them through marketing within your community and nationally.

Do I need to guarantee the loan personally?

No, there are no personal guarantees.

What credit score do I need to qualify?

There is no minimum credit score required.

How do I apply?

Click here and answer a few questions about your business for a free quote.

You can contact or visit Mercer County's Economic Development Office for more information.



How Raising Works on SMBX

A Small Business Bond is like a loan, but instead of paying your monthly principal and interest to a bank, you're paying it to your community of investors.



Submit your documents to make sure your business qualifies. Our underwriting team reviews in 48 hours or less. If everything looks good, we work with you to set the terms of your raise and get ready to launch!



Your offering goes live on SMBX and people start buying Bonds in your business. Our marketing team works with you one-on-one to craft a unique plan to get the word out to your community.



Once your offering closes, you receive your capital! You then pay fixed monthly payments of principal and interest, which we distribute to your investors. Easy as 1-2-3.

Why Raise on SMBX?

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World Class Support

Our expert team of underwriters will complete your paperwork & file it for you so you can focus on the bigger picture.


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Great Rates. Lower Fees.

Since we’re not a bank or lending platform, we don’t have the same regulatory fees. We help high-quality borrowers with operating experience pay more favorable rates.


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On-demand marketing experts.

Our marketing team helps you craft and execute custom campaigns to get the word out about your raise. We’re available around the clock to support your raise on SMBX.


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Build Customer Loyalty

There’s no better customer than an investor. Keep your biggest supporters coming back and reach new customers in your area with SMBX.

       Join the Mercer County Small Business Investment Program. 

Whether you're raising capital for your small business or want to invest in local businesses you love, there's plenty of ways to get involved. Get started below.

We first met SMBX over a year ago via our LinkedIn profile. At the time, we were not ready to raise funds, however, we remained in contact over casual emails to build a relationship. With time, we were able to grow our brand and company to reach the capacity to be able to raise funds for further growth and development. We ran into hurdle after hurdle with varying CDFIs and banking institutions, but our relationship with SMBX never wavered.  

After we reached out to SMBX we began our brief onboarding processes and started our raise. In just a few months we were successful in achieving our goal and are in a great position to push forward our operational expansion milestones. Not only was the process simple with SMBX, but extremely convenient. I'd like to continue using the services of SMBX as we continue our journey of growth and a cleaner, healthier future.

I'd recommend SMBX to any small business as an option for fundraising.

-Desmond Hayes, Geogreens

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Apply to Raise Capital

Why Should I Invest?

Earn up to 11% interest.*

Support small businesses.

Impact your community.


You can earn a meaningful return by lending money to your favorite small businesses*.


Show your love for your favorite mom and pop shops. All businesses go through basic due diligence that qualifies them to list on SMBX.


Investing locally empowers small businesses you love with capital needed to better serve your community.

What kind of businesses raise capital on SMBX?

SMBX supports small businesses from all industries across the US. We’ve raised millions of dollars for restaurants, breweries, accountants, trucking companies, event planners and others.
Schedule a call today to see if you qualify. 

To qualify for the Mercer County Small Business Investment Program,  your business must be registered in New Jersey and based in Mercer County, 30 employees or less, and generating revenue for 6 months.

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