A New Way to Finance Your Growth

Raise capital through your community by issuing Small Business Bonds™ on SMBX. Increase customer loyalty while securing the financing you need to grow your business.

How It Works

A Small Business Bond™ is like a loan, but instead of paying your monthly principal and interest to a bank, you're paying it to your community of investors.



SMBX's underwriting team will review your documents within 48 hours or less. We'll draft your paperwork. You review it, we file it, and your Bonds go live!



SMBX prepares your unique marketing plan to help you raise successfully. When the raise closes, you receive your capital and investors receive Bonds.



Pay fixed monthly payments of principal and interest. We distribute your Bond repayment to your investors and manage tax forms.

Happy Business Owners
Now That's Aligned

Save $100 on your Small Business Bond™ origination fee as a member of Alignable.

With 7.5% to 11.5% interest rates, no personal guarantees, and no pre-payment penalties, you can raise $25,000 - $5,000,000 with a 3-10 year payback period.


  • 2+ years operating history
  • Incorporated entity in USA
  • Positive net income or growing revenues
  • Assets to potentially secure bond against or refinance
  • Good standing with current lenders

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Issue Small Business Bonds™ on the SMBX and get the capital you need as soon as 6 weeks from today. Schedule a meeting, and we'll start the qualification process for your business.


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"With the amount of marketing that we did, the Bonds virtually sold themselves."

- Paul Trendler, Super Belly Ferments
   Raised $75,000 at 7.5% Interest on SMBX

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What Is SMBX?

The SMBX is a new financial marketplace that connects successful small business owners with everyday investors.

By issuing a Small Business Bond™, you can borrow capital from existing customers at competitive rates, raising the funds you need to expand your business while increasing customer loyalty.

It's a win-win for you and your customers!

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